Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fast Eddie swaps Reggie Evans for Jason Kapono

Ed Stefanski is trying to make good on his promise to address the team’s weaknesses. My biggest complaint is the lack of outside shooters. The name Jason Kapono doesn’t jump right out at you and there may be a number of things he can’t do, but …. we know the guy can shoot.

  Too bad the price for a shooter is a fan favorite like Reggie Evans. I loved me some Reggie, but let’s face it … what you see is what you get. Reggie has done more with no talent than any player I have every seen. And did we mention that Kapono is 6’ 8” and he can shoot?

Reggie would be caught up in a numbers game next year anyhow. With the return of injured Elton Brand (don’t got there. You know he’s gotta play) and Jason Smith, not to mention upstart Maresse Speights there would be no minutes for Reggie. 

I’m not saying Jason Kapono is a lock to solve the Sixers shooting woes. There is still the questions of his fitting in, teams chemistry, etc. But it’s a valid attempt to do so.

Did I mention Jason Kapono can shoot?

Philadelphia 76ers Acquire Forward Jason Kapono From Toronto

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