Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sixers lose another to a non playoff team

I keep thinking to myself ... Would this be happening if Thaddeus were here? Trailing the Bobcats by 20! No way! Gettin' Schooled by Gerald Wallace and Raymond Felton ... You have got to be frickin kidding me!

I was glad to see the Sixers come out in the second half and make a game of it. But they did not hold on down the stretch ... to a team that has lost 4th period leads in their last 3 games. At this point in the season it should never happen.

But after the Nets loss you have to wonder. Some teams you just don't match up. Like the Bobcats ... or is it Larry Brown.

No, No, No ... it's not that complicated. The Sixers blew it. On a nite when the Heat lost to a play off team. They lost to a loser. It seems they are destined to muddle into the playoffs off balance ... against the Orlando Magic ... another team they do not match up well against.

Sixers wake up but don't stay awake in loss to Bobcats

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