Friday, April 03, 2009

Life without Thad

I was contemplating the lose of Thad Young to injury yesterday. My heart skipped a beat when I heard he went down in the Hawks game. (I was late getting to the game. Arriving at the start of the 2nd period). The Sixers handled the Hawks who play better at home than on the road.

But Thad had become "the guy" the last 8 games of so. Thad was puttin' up 20+ every nite. Thad was the guy gettin' double teamed. He had started making assists off the double teams. Thad was the guy that smoothed out the rough offense patches the Sixers are noted for. I had been embolden about our prospects for the play offs. Perhaps we would not be "one and done" as their detractors quote. The Sixers had Young Thad.

So I wondered ... what would life be like without the young wonder. The Sixers will need to work even harder ... they will have to defend better ... they need to be relentless.

It was appropriate that coach started Reggie Evans against the Bucks last nite. That as the attitude the Sixers needed in this new world order without Thad. And Reggie responded although the rest of the squad did not get the memo. The first half of the Buck game was rocky ... to say the least. Poor defense and turnovers made the Bucks (whom had beat the Lakers the nite before) start believing in themselves. Perhaps, as Tom McGuinness reminded me this was the way all the Bucks games have gone this season. They start out leading the Sixers, but fade away.

What-ever the reason ... the Sixers renewed the faith of the fan base in the second half. They turned it and overcame a lackluster first half to beat the Buck 105-95.

So this is life without Thaddeus Young. A roller-coaster of up's and downs. Get well soon Thaddeus.

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