Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who's the Man? Igoudala!

Offensively, he we silent in the 1st half, but when it was crunch time Iguodala lifts 76ers to fourth straight win last nite. Andre Miller (24 points) paced the Sixers for most of the game.  Iggy did play mundo defense on the Grizzles star rookie OJ Mayo for most of the game. But when the game came down to the wire he would not be denied. When he pulled up for that rainbow jumper from the wing ... my buddy cried 'no', but I could see from the expression on Iggy's face ... it was gonna find twine. It had to be good. He was sure of it. And when they gave 'm the ball at the top of the key ... that drive and left handed bank shot off the boards was ... SWEET!

Sammy's defense at the end was also tremendous. He was all over the floor. I was amazed to see him force opponents out to the 3 point line, then dart back into the paint to cover the pass down low to Marc Gasol. It was impressive.

The Sixers were in control for most of the game. But they never put them away. I was reminded of a boxing match in which the favored fighter encounters a lefty for the 1st time. The timing was off. He can never land that knock-out blow. OJ Mayo was kept in check. He shot 5-17, but 4 of the 5 shots made were 3's. It was Hakim Warrick who had a monster game (31 points). I did not recall the hometown product (he played for Friends Central). But I knew there was something going on when I spied the woman sitting on the floor with a #21 Grizzles Jersey. Warrick is the 2nd leading scorer for his team, but I am certain the NBA store has plenty of his jerseys in stock.

It's mystifying how Memphis does not have a better record. They certainly have talent. Marc Gasol seems to be a fish out of water, but he's got talent. I just don't think they have figured out how they want to use him yet. The only stiffs on the roster are Darko and Jarick. But when you add the missing Rudy Gay (hip flexor injury) to the line-up ... you can see how these guys can play.

By now everyone know how the Sixers roll. Play defense ... run the break ... and Iggy ... he's the man.

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