Thursday, February 05, 2009

What ... E.B. is done for the season

 No Brand? Now What? | How could this happen. I cannot ever remember a situation that deteriorated so quickly!

At the start of this home stand we were talking about Brand getting into the mix, adapting to the Sixers style, finding a way to contribute.

Then Tuesday, he's ineffective against the C's. After the game, there talk about a setback.

Then on Wednesday they were talkin' about not ready to sit him down again.
Sixers'  Media Day at the Wachovia Center, Monday September 29, 2008.  Andre Iguodala, left and Elton Brand pose for a photo during media day.  Steven M. Falk / Philadelphia Daily News

Now he's done for the season!

In a matter of days ... the E.B. signing has spiraled from a wait and see situation to the worse deal since Chris Webber! I know its a different injury than the one that kept him out all last season. But players don't become less injury prone as the get older. Going under the surgical knife does not make you stronger.

There is no way you can spin this as a good thing. No way!


Chris said...

Yeah, it blows.

Anonymous said...

Don't the Sixers just need to get involved in the Amare Stoudemire sweepstakes? They have a major bankable commodity in Andre Miller and his expiring contract, and a team in Portland that needs a point guard like him, bad. Either they should get a three team deal involved with Portland where they give Portland Miller, (LaFrentz and a prospect would go to Phoenix) and they give Phoenix T. Young and all the expiring contacts they have plus J. Smith and a #1 or 2. This would leave the roster thin, but you can pick up minimum cap guys at the 9-14 spots on the roster and it would help them out for the future, because their frontline would be more than set with Stoudemire, Speights, Brand, Dalembert, and Evans. Guards are easier to find, or they should just try to do a two way trade with Portland. This team is going to the playoffs, but nowhere in the playoffs. They might as well make a play for Stoudemire who is available now for 70 or 80 cents on the dollar because he's underachieving.

Rando said...

Wow ... I would agree with some of your points, but I don't think it time to blow everything up to the degree you suggest.

1. Stoudemire would appear \to be on the market and seems like a good fit.
2. Dre Miller is the most valuable trading chip. I luv 'em but I agree it's the most direct path forward.
3. You need to work a multi-team deal, 'cause a straight up trade won;t work.

But I'm not read to give up on Thad or Jason Smith. I don't think Speights is ready yet ... and a good 'point' guard is hard to find.