Thursday, February 19, 2009

Miller hurt in Sixers' loss to Nuggets

You know the sick feelin' you get in your stomach ... you know ... the one that comes with a hangover. You know this is not going to be good. I started to get a bad feeling in the second period. The Sixers are still the front runners, but the guys around me were seeing the same thing as I was.

Andre Miller was the only guy scoring!

So when Miller went down in the 3rd period .... I felt really sick. That ... oh boy ... this is really gonna be bad kinda sick. We kept an eye on the bench to see if he'd return, but .... The Sixers just fell of the wagon after that. I really don't feel the Nuggets played all that well.  No I'm not just hatin' on the Nuggets. They are a good team, but their awakening in the 3rd period was not all their doing. If the Sixers had made a few bunnies things may have been different. But without Miller the Sixers were not savvy enough to weather the charge and punch back. And Igoudala was saddled with foul trouble the whole game. So he was no help.

The refs were really active in this game. They doled out 61 personal fouls and a couple of techs. The game was very chippy.  

But the injury to Miller really hurts. He is the league leader among active players for consecutive game played (500+). So we have come to take it for granted  he is in the line-up. I have little doubt the calf injury will keep him out of the line-up Saturday nite. But how effective will he be?

I think I;m gonna be sick again.

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