Tuesday, February 03, 2009

76ers fall on a another buzzer beater

Boston's Ray Allen sinks two 3-pointers in the last 30 seconds to hand the Sixers their second straight home loss 100-99 ... and what is that now ... the third game in about a month and a half they have lost on a buzzer beater?

You can say what you want about how tough it was on the Sixers to fight thru a poor shooting nite to force Boston into an un characteristic 21 turn-overs, hold them 4-13 from the 3 point line but lose on 2 treys in the last 30 seconds ... OR .. you could go on and on about the heroics of Ray Allen ... with his team missing Kevin Garnett ... overcoming the odds to extend his teams winning streak to 12 ... blah ... blah ... blah

All I see is that the Sixers have still not learned to finish games. Be it hitting that shot when the game is on the line (to his credit Iggy hit his shot tonite) or shutting done a team at the end. Thad Young let Allen flare out to the corner. No way you leave Allen at the end of the game. Inexcusable!

Games can be lost in the first period or the last period. You can only win a game in the 4th period ... when are they going to learn that?

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