Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wow ... that was unexpected

Wow ... the 76ers comeback on the road to beat the Rockets 95-93 ... that was unexpected.

Iggy was the man last nite (20 points) ... coming up with the clutch (yes, I mean clutch) jumpshot with less than a minute left to put the Sixers up by 4. That was unexpected after the disappointing performance in N'Orleans. Heck, I'm sure many would never expect that rainbow jumper to find twine in the clutch.

Philadelphia 76ers' Andre Iguodala (9) reacts in the final minute of the 76ers' NBA basketball game against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2009, in Houston. Philadelphia won 95-93 with Iguodala scoring 29 points. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)
Iggy ... you are the man!

You know what else was unexpected ... E.B. gettin' in the mix last nite. Playin' some Sixers ball ... blocking 6 shots ... posting 14 points ... and on the scoring end of a fastbreak (yes really). 

Sammy D's defense last nite was unexpected. He was part of the Sixers block party, swatting 4 of the Sixers 12. I particularly liked the way he defended Yao Ming. He was monster. Pushin' 'em around ... knocking him off the block ... keepin' 'em off balance. And that defensive switch at the end to challenge T. Mac was arguable the game winning play. Lets face it ... we all know Sammy has the potential to dominate a game. We just don't know when to expect it. But his defense has markedly improved since the coaching change. Perhaps he has gotten the message "Sammy ... Slammin' Sammy is just a nickname! Your here to play defense!".

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