Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Darn you Dirk!

That Monday matinee loss to the Mavs stung a bit. Notching that win and the upcoming game against the Knicks and they would be in solid .500 territory.

But the streak had to end eventually. The MLK day game always seems to be an anomaly. A 1 PM start on a Monday. There are a lot more kids at the game. I was there with my niece. The kids are more excited to be there than to care about the score. Cheers spring up at odd junctures. It is liberating to be allowed to scream out loud with impunity.

Both teams played very sloppy. The Sixers didn't really show up until that last minute surge to tie the game. But Dirk Nowitzki had his motor going in the 2nd half and the Sixers had no answer.

That shot at the buzzer really sucked.:(

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