Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mo's out, Tony's in ... Sixers win

I'm still not sure if a buddy of mine was just bustin' on me Saturday afternoon when the subject of basketball came up. He questioned me ... "Honestly Rando, do you think Mo will last the whole season?". Being a long suffering Sixers fan you get used to the ribbing.

I had to admit that it was a fair question. At 9-15 the Sixers had gotten of to another poor start and the signature weaknesses of Mo Cheeks' teams the previous 3 years where still there. The defense breaks down, they can't score, they can't shoot the 3, they can't defend the 3. If not for a late season charge the last two seasons it's hard to say anything positive about Mo's teams.

cube5Just around the time I was questioned about Mo's tenure ... he was getting dumped by the Sixers. At least he heard it from management this time. When Cheeks was a player, the Sixers organization became infamous for not telling Cheeks he was traded before it was leaked to the media. Cheek learned about it when questioned by a reporter ... on-camera!

I don't have a problem with the change. Mo was never gonna take this team to the next level. Mo was not gonna bring us a championship. He was probably the right kind of coach the Sixers needed 3 years ago. A team that was under construction , with a pack of young players in need of on the job training.

Tony Deleo is a curious pick to replace Mo. I do like the idea of taking a look at a fresh face. Another retread would have made things worse. Nor can I think of someone available I would want. But Tony is a company man. He's been with the Sixers almost 20 years. He's a home town guy. During the Billy King era I thought he would have been the perfect GM. I thought its was a bit of a snub when Stefanski was named GM. Not that Ed was a bad choice. But many thought that Tony deserved a shot and I was surprised Tony has not gotten a job elsewhere. So I have to wonder ... was this move something they had ever discussed ... is Eddie trying to keep Tony Deleo in the fold. You know ... throwing 'em a bone ... or is Tony just being a company guy. Doing whatever has been asked of him?

BTW, the Sixers win Saturday nite against a hapless Wizards team. You could hardly pick a better opponent. The Wizards appears to be on course to be like lasts years Miami heat team ... form the play-off to the basement. Their star player ... Agent Zero , goes down and the wheels come off. Can you spell patsy?

Anyhow ... I like Mo Cheeks. Everybody likes Mo Cheeks. You gotta root for the guy. But its a bottom line business and Mo was not getting it done.

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