Saturday, December 06, 2008

Marshal sparks Sixers win to bring Sixers fan back into the fold.

Marshal sparks Sixers win to bring Sixers fan back into the fold. I got a chuckle out of jsams post (libertyballers) about last nite's Sixers win over A.I. and the Detroit Pissed-ons. Yes, AI dropped another one to his former team (1-3) and dropped his scoring average a bit with only 17 points.

It strikes me as a clash of styles. Iverson is more kin to the energizer bunny compared to the Piston's Clydesdale offense. I'm havin' a hard time believing this relationship won't end up badly.

As for Donyell Marshall ... yeah the guy I trashed this summer ... Mo Cheeks dusts him off the bench and he responds wit the games go ahead bucket (a 3 no less). I can just imagine Mo thinkin' what does his team need? ... Good 3 point shot (check) ... Veteran (Check) ... consummate professional (check) ready to play (check) ahh we got Donyell Marshall ... don't we? Marshall was that man, he finished with 8 points, but his +/- was +17. But that doesn't make Mo a genius does it?

Only Lou Williams had a better +/- rating (+22). So you have to give Lou the game ball. It would be nice to see some consistency out of Williams. Last nite was a start.

Quotable's: Donyell Marshall on his reaction to playing tonight:
I was a little surprised. As the game went on I began to think that I might not get in. When Coach (Cheeks) did call my name he asked me if I was okay and everyone started to laugh. I told him I was fine and to just let me get in.

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