Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's okay to be excited

act_elton_brandSixers fans ... It's okay to be excited. Really ... it is. The new season is about to start and by all objective accounts the Sixers organization has made improvements in the off season.

Hope springs eternal just like the start of any season. Anything is possible. Now that the Phillies are poised to end the curse of Billy Penn (the conclusion to World Series game 5 is today). Why not dream of reachin' the stars.

It's okay to get excited about Elton Brand. The guy is a legit go to player. In the pre-season he has demonstrated he can dominate from the low post (as he did in a 18 point 1st quarter versus the Knicks). And he has quieted any questions about his health. So I'm looking forward to watching him play.

a_iguodala_135_20080326I'm excited to see Iggy continue to progress. Say what you will about the fat contact. But you have to admit how much of a surprise it would have been to start the season without AI. But now that he's got the new contract ... will his production go down? I don't think so. The improvements made should offset that the tendency to sit back and relax 'cause of contract security. No I'm expecting Andre Igoudala to step it up. I looking to see an even greater display of amazing skills.

And Sweet Lou looks solid. The new contract makes him legit. No check that. His play last season made him legit. The contract's just a confirmation. I'm getting excited about seeing the whole crew ... Reggie, Andre Miller, Thad Young, and Slamin' Sammy. Even the new comers. I'm ready to start hoopin'!

I will start my trek to the arena soon. The game has been moved up to 6pm because of all the craziness with the Phillies game. It was a great week-end for Philly sports teams. I'm excited to see the magic continue. Go Sixers, Go Eagle, Go Phils ... the curse is over ... the curse is over! Go out and win!

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