Saturday, August 09, 2008

Smith tears ACL ... Ooh that hurts

I blame myself for this. I mentioned last week my outlook on the coming season was one of nervous enthusiasm. In doing so I noted injury as one of potential impediments to success. Injuries are part of the game, but should never be spoken of.

Now the news that Jason Smith has torn his left ACL. Done for the season is the most likely prognosis.

Jon and the rest of the Sixers blogger community are already talking about how the Sixers will replace him. As I see it, this means more opportunity for Mo Speights, Reggie Evans and perhaps Herbert Hill. Again chemistry is a big part of the Sixers success. Adding more players from the outside could disrupt that.

The injury to Smith hurts ... no matter how you look at it. No way to replace his combination of height, length, energy and eagerness to learn. He contributed in almost every game last year and appeared poised to contribute even more this year. (sigh) But he is young and its is not as uncommon to recover from a torn ACL as it once was.

But still .... I blame myself ... injuries are bad karma .... my BAD.

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