Monday, June 09, 2008

Rooting for a Lakers loss in the finals

If you ask any Sixers fan who they want to win this year's NBA final their answer would be something like ... do I have to pick a winner ... can it be a tie ... or shoot me now (my favorite). For a Sixers fan it's bad karma to root for the C's. Likewise, if there was every a west coast team a Sixers fan would love to hate it would be the Lakers. For the Kobe haters out there it would be a double bonus.

It's a choice between two evils. I have found comfort in taking the perspective of "Which team would I like to see lose". And the answer to that my friends is the LaLa Lakers. Phil Jackson is a fraud and I hope he gets as much credit for losing this won as he has gotten for winning those other titles. Somebody's gotta lose ... why not the Lakers.

Somebody posted this little gem on myspace. Anything that pokes fun at the Lakers is alright in my book. Hilarious!

Props to LEX & TaeOne on Myspace

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