Thursday, June 05, 2008

I think Dynasties Sux

Okay ... It's been awhile. I have gotten over the downer that seems inevitable when your team gets booted from the play-offs. I can look back now and marvel at a great Sixers season. Any time you over-achieve it makes it a good year. And despite this blank blog I do continue to watch the play-offs. Just to see how far the Sixers have yet to go and to dream of what could have been.

Snoosfest: The games have not been so remarkable this year. But for the Hornets run their have been few surprises. Unless you are a Cetics or Lakers fan the game has not been so compelling that you have to watch. The sports media hype what to talk about the glory days. The epic battles of the two dynasties that square off in this years finals. Roll out the cliches ....

Make me gag: I feel like I wanna puke every time I hear how many titles Phil Jackson has won ... how Jordon-like Kobe is ... how this may be the last chance for Garnett, Allen, and Pierce ... how this is the most miraculous single season turn around in history. yada, yada, yada ...

That's why I think dynasties Sux.

NBA-Only-One The NBA is touting re-runs as their great achievement. Every year there are a few new teams that make the play-offs and a few others that drop out. But in the end we are always watching the same teams ... Pistons, Spurs, Suns, Dallas always seem to be there. There hasn't been a truly new team to win it all since the Miami Heat. Tell me how am I to be excited about watching the same teams every year. It may be okay for the media (they don't have to learn anything new). But there's nothing fresh about a C's vs Lakers final. Most of the new audience has not a clue about the history. Maybe that's a shame, but its the truth.

When does my team get a shot? The NFL has progressed to the point that there are only a handful of teams that truly don't have a shot each year. The opposite is true of the NBA. Why should I watch if my team doesn't have a shot? Are you rigging the game? Is the difference in talent that great? If so why would you have more teams? Why do you think we would watch?

A dynasty means there is no hope for you or your team. Become a lemming and cheer for them. Buy their cool stuff and oh yea ... don't forget your local team. Every Globtrotters team needs their Generals. Just keep filling the fat pockets of our owners. You are not worthy of a Dynasty ... there can be only one.

That's why Dynasties Sux!

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