Friday, December 14, 2007

What a difference a week makes

As I said before I was more relived than happy last week-end when the Sixers beat the Knicks twice after a disappointing losing patch. It would take a solid week to restore a little passion. The menu this week made it a plausible notion. After the Rockets on Monday nite they hosted two losing teams (T-Wolves & Kings) and traveled to Cleveland who have been toothless due to Kings James injury. I thought ... win 3-4 this week and I will be impressed.

But I bailed on Monday nite's game. The Holiday party season has started and I fully participated in the nite's festivities without a thought as to how the Sixers fared against the Rockets. Perhaps the 50+ point spanking they gave the Sixers at home last year was still in the back of my mind.

To my suprise the week started out with an impressive win over the Rockets. They didn't just win ... they blew them out. I heard talk they need to work on playing with a 31 point lead. Jeez ... what a problem to have. Now the Sixers were carrying a 3 game win streak.

I rolled down to the Wac Wednesday nite. The place still looked empty. The recent win over Yao and T-Mac wasn't enough for many who already had paid for the game to show up. Another prime time performance by Sammy D gave the Sixers control of the game. All of a sudden Green and Korver are hittin their shots. But it was only the T-wolves (I still can't name a starter for this team). They were expected to win this one and the did. But a 4 game win streak of any kind ... not too shabby.

The return of Johnny Salmons and the Kings should net another win. 5 straight would be one the NBA's best. But it still won't get the Sixers on Sport-Center or NBA Coast-to-Coast.

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