Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ed Stefanski has made the move to the dark side

Kyle Korver is gone. The Ed Stefanski reign as GM has begun. He has moved to the dark side with his 1st personnel change. He could have waited all season with a pass and not make a move. But now he has put his own stamp on this team. Too bad for Kyle. He's a nice kid. I liked the move to acquire him in the 03 draft. The Sixers acquired him from the Nets for cash (think Ed new 'bout Korver then). Kyle had excepted his role as the 5th year veteran and bench player. He was certainly a fan favorite. But he is what we thought he was. He will never be more than he is right now. A good player ... a good guy, but not a star. So I'm okay with his departure.

Good luck to 'em.

What about Gordan Giricek? I'm sorry to say I don't know too much about him. I know what kind of game the Jazz play. A 5 year pro from Croatia should be able shoot the ball. Not a star. But it doesn't matter. Its not about Giricek. It's about his contract. Which expires at the end of the season. The Sixers resigned Korver in 05. Stefanski's clearing some cap space and announcing to the league he intends to be a playa in this summer's free agent market.

There's a new sheriff in town. Philly fans take note!

Hey Ed? Can you come down to marketing? We need to know what we're gonna do with all these #26 jerseys.


Chris said...

they currently have no one to market, what with Andre and Andre not being locked up

Ricky - Sixers4guidos said...

Right on point Rando, it's all about his contract.

I am a big Korver fan but his whole year has been up and down and I honestly had the feeling he reached his peak, he can't get any better

Ball is in Ed's court now, let's see who will he get this summer... Despite what many think, you don't find many shooters like Korver in the league, but if this is the price to land a Josh Smith type of FA, then...

happy new year bro !!


jen said...

By all accounts Korver's a nice guy and I'm glad he got traded somewhere with a good coach that will understand that Korver's a 3-point shooter and not much else. Watching Korver try to back someone down and use his "moves" these past couple of years has been plain painful. Mo Cheeks kept thinking he could make Korver into something he's not.