Saturday, September 08, 2007

Why the heck was he playin' for the Canuck's anyway

I actually enjoyed watching the FIBA Americas Championships from Vegas. It was a nice summer diversion. Nothin' too serious. USA basketball wasn't taking anything for granted anymore and they where well prepared for the rest of the Americas. I still don't know how Puerto Rico gets to field a team. But it was kinda fun to watch Kobe, Lebron and the gang on the same team whipping some international team's butts. USA basketball has secured a spot in the upcoming Olympics in China.

But national pride may come at a price. The risk of injury is often overlooked aspect of these international fantasy teams. I recall the Mavs owner, Mark Cuban had a problem with Steve Nash playing for Canada. Which makes me wonder who pays the insurance premiums for these guys? That has factor into players thinking right? It has to be a great concern for NBA GM's. The Phoenix Suns have to be concerned about how Leandro Barbosa got worn down during the two week tournament. He looked spent by the end.

In the past, I had reservations about AI playing on the USA basketball squad. I was relieved when they took the decision to bang the floor boards for the summer instead of resting his body. AI started the season nicked up the year he did play.

So Sammy D darn near breaks his leg (figuratively) to get in the FIBA Americas tournament. Becoming a Canadian citizen the day the tournament started. Now we get word that Sammy may have suffered an injury for his efforts! A stress fracture in his foot. Why the heck was he playin' for the Canuck's anyway? Canada is a long way from Haiti. Is this Canada team considered some kind of second tier dream team? Okay, I know he went to high school in Montreal, but was this display of national pride good judgment?

I'm not a big fan of the Sixers 10 million dollar wunder kind. So this really concerns me. Sammy hasn't shown me that he is willing to do the work to start the season prepared. The Sixers are already weak at his position. Sammy ... ya gotta show me somethin' here!

Dalembert's sacrifice for Canadian squad may cost NBA employer.

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Ricky - Sixers4guidos said...

you really think Sam's injury is bad news ? LOL just kidding...