Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thanks for the cup of coffee ... bye (Joe Smith)

Joe SmithAlway the bridesmaid never the bride. I'm sure Joe Smith will tell ya Philadelphia would have been his second choice. But lets be honest ... the salary cap purgatory the Sixers are in doesn't give them much to bargain with. Everybody knows what they have to offer. Just like the NBA draft. So I guess I'm not really surprised we lost Joe Smith to the Chicago Bulls. Good luck to him. After his second cup of coffee with the Sixers (joining the team part way thru the 97-98 season) Smith is leaving under better terms.

So who is left. Nobody. The Sixers' free agency period is over . Done. The Sixers brain trust can check that off their summer to do list. On with "developing our new Young talent". You know I got a phone call from Thaddeus the other day. Okay it was actually a recording, but he told how ready he was to work hard and bring a championship team to Philly. From all appearances Young seems to be a nice guy. Personal-able. Some say he may even be capable of playing a little bit. I just don't think it will play on south broad street. This has gotta be a nightmare for the folks in marketing.


Ricky - Sixers4guidos said...

I was wondering where were you been bro. And thanks for mentioning my article in the other post

well, maybe at the end of the day we won't complaing for not having signed Joe Smith. At least this is my hope now.

I really liked him a lot but since he's gone we REALLY have to play the young guys becuase, like u said, we cannot play a role in the FA market.

Mikki Moore is gone as well, so we will stick with our young bigs and see what they can turn out to be

the big FA market will be in the summer of 2008, let's see the half full part of the glass...

Let's put it like this: maybe JS would have made us win more games, so IN TH ELONG TERM it's better that he landed elsewhere. Too optimistic ????

Rando said...

Too optimistic ... YES ... but that's what true fans do right. Who knows if we would have won more games with Smith and could that really have been a bad thing ... no. But it could be really cool to watch the young players come together and really play well. But the little man in my stomach doesn't feel so good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cup of hot French coffee! May I have more?:D