Friday, June 29, 2007

Sixers draft leaves me scratching my head

There is one thing I am certain about last night's draft ... Billy King wasn't the best liar. He was not a rainmaker. Nobody was buying the crap he was selling. So the Sixers played the hand they were dealt.

The draft went as many had predicted. No brainfarts really. The trades didn't change the picks much. Seattle was the real rainmaker. The big man the Sixers needed was not there at #12 so they took the best player available. Thaddeus Young was Billy's pick. I still had Julian Wright at that spot but I can't say he would be much better. I like most don't know much if anything about Thaddeus Young. So we have to wait and see. It may be a few years before we know if he will bloom or bust.

So here's another thing I am certain of ... Billy didn't do much last nite to inspire his fan base. The marketing team has madd work to do this year. Thaddeus Young ain't puttin' fannies into seats at the Wac Center. Billy still has to find that big man to help us believe. But let's face the truth ... the Sixers will be lucky to equal last years performance. If they get a Big or not. Franchise players don't grow on trees. Mo Cheeks needs to provide a system that works for the hand we are looking at. People won't tune in until they win. To sum up the draft in a word "prudence" ... to use another word "boring".

I'm okay with the other picks. I predicted Jason Smith would be their 2nd pick. The way they went about getting Smith was a little odd, but the result was the same. There rest of the moves where good picks with a little cap-ology mixed in. That's been part of King's thing in the later rounds for sometime. I some circles the draft might be considered a success. The Sixers should get at least two guys that will fit in to the rotation this year. That's about the best they could do.

So all the hyperbole was for nothing. No answers. The draft only created more questions. Like ... why hasn't Billy King been fired yet?


Ricky - Sixers4guidos said...

very realistic post, I understand your point of view Rando

I am also still scratching my head, almost 24 hrs after the draft, and perhaps will continue doing it for many days

I'm afraid BK will stay at his desk and I am afraid of the fact that we still have Mo as coach

the hole at PF is still there, unless this Smith turns out to be very good immediately.

I'd resign Joe Smith for 2 yrs honestly

Rando said...

I agree with you there brother. Signing Joe Smith could be the difference. I'd give BK his props if he could pull it off.