Sunday, April 08, 2007

What's Next for the Sixers?

Raptors' Bosh believes Sixers can rebound. After all The Raptors were 27-55 last year and won the division this year. So the Atlantic division has not changed much. In any given year anyone could win it. A fact that has been the 76ers downfall. The bar has been set so low for so many years Billy King felt he just needed to tweak a few things. Now Iverson and Webber are gone. Something akin to open heart surgery. So I am wondering how long it will take to recover from the operating room. What's next?

The Raptors have GM Bryan Colangelo. Who came to Toronto to prove his stay in Phoenix was not a fluke. Yes, they got the number one pick, but no one will tell you #1 draft pick Andrea Bargnani propelled them to the top of the division. No one is talking about head coach Sam Mitchel in the hall of fame (not even coach of the year). No ... it's about the back office. It's about management saying this is the kind of team we what to be and finding away to build that team. Like Colangelo's move to get T.J. Ford. It's about having a plan.

So what's next? What's the plan? Lose and hope for the best is a prayer not a plan (hear that Danny Ainge). The dream of Oden or Durant is a distant one. The Sixers can still get lucky like Toronto. But it takes more than luck don't it? Do you take the best player available or draft on need? I think it depends on the circumstances. I wouldn't pass on Micheal Jordon 'cause I needed a center. But you can't start next year without addressing your weaknesses ... defense, rebounding, shooting guard.

They Sixers have shown some heart since Webber departed. They are not the gang who couldn't shoot straight we pined about during the AI era. But are they Suns or the Pistons? Are they an offensive or defensive team. Are they building a team to compete with Toronto and a division title. Or are they building to beat the Heat, Bulls and Pistons for the conference title? Cheeks has coached the Sixers to learn how to win. GM Billy King has been playing against the Salary cap. I don't know if I have seen a real philosophy about winning.

What's next for the Sixers? It is clear they are rebuilding. The path they will take it not so clear.

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