Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Was that Really Andy Ried at the 76ers Game last Nite?

The Sixers fall to the Cavs last nite. As we return to the scene of the crime (last year's infamous Show / No Show incident with AI and Webber). I could talk about how the 76ers made amends for last year, or how the Sixers lost to strengthen their draft destiny, or perhaps how the game positioned the Cavs for the #2 seed in the east. But those topics pale in comparison to what I spied as I scanned the arena last nite.

There was this guy seated on the floor underneath the basket. Man that's a pretty big guy I thought. He was kinda slouched in his seat. Dressed in a sport jacket (that didn't quite fit), a turquoise shirt, slacks, deck shoes and no socks. After clearing my eyes, a closer inspection confirmed "Hey, that's Andy Reid". Who dressed him this mornin' I thought. Did he go out to the driveway to get the paper and suddenly get whisked away a basketball game? "Yeah, that's him" my buddy confirmed. Reid subsequently ditched the jacket as he graciously signed autographs for fans at half time. But honestly you think the guy would had a clue what he looked like in public. I hope he had his shirt tucked in if they showed him on TV ... Cheese and Crackers ....

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