Sunday, March 04, 2007

That's four straight at home for the 76ers

That's four straight at home for the 76ers. I was at the game tonite and I have to admit that its great to watch team basketball again. I know they just gave up more ping pong balls, but when you're at the game you don't really care. The Nets jumped out to an early 17 point lead, but the Sixers bench brought them back in a big way. K squared has been steady. Joe Smith has given whatever was needed ... shooting, defense, rebounding. Sweet Lou Williams continues contribute. Just great team play. Don't get me wrong no one's confusing them with the Dallas Mavericks, but its a better brand of basketball than we've seen in awhile.

The Nets continue the jekyl and hide routine that has become their trademark. They faded in a loss to Boston last nite in overtime. And they faded again tonite after a quick start. Settling for jump shots as tired teams do. Once the Sixers stopped turning the ball over they were done. Outside of Jason Kidd they had no energy. They really miss the often injured Jefferson.

It's not hard to believe they are only 7 games better than the 76ers.

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