Friday, March 02, 2007

Sixers hit the trey

That's 3 in a row.The Sixers finally equal the mark that started the season. Who would 've thunk it would be March before they won 3 straight again. The Grizzled are an awful road team so you had to give the Sixers the edge going in. The 76ers have now won 21. Still trailing 3 other teams with 22 wins. But they could easily win 30 if they continue at this pace. They Sixers only won 38 last year. Think about that. This squad could finish within 10 games of the much ballyhooed dynamic duo of Iverson and Webber. Iverson's Nuggets are treading water around the .500 line (sound familiar). We could be one player away from mediocre.

In other news today is the anniversary of Wilt's 100 point nite. Think of it ... Korver & Igoudala score 27 apiece tonite in overtime and Wilt scored twice as many points. It was a nite when more people will say they where at the game than the arena seats. Its only fitting that a legendary game like that was called on radio by the venerable Bill Campbell. One of my favorite andedotes about that nite was that Wilt got a ride home from members of the Knicks, the team they beat that nite. Wilt was living in New York city at the time.

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