Monday, January 15, 2007

Sixers no cure for eagles withdrawl syndrome

I am on my way to the Sixer's MLK day matinee this afternoon. My second game this weekend. There was an Eagles game sandwiched in the middle of the long weekend. The Eagles extended play into the post-season has truly been a gift for the Philly sports fans. The insufferable state of the Sixers and Flyers would have provided no refuge from that sick feeling we were feeling weeks ago when the Eagle where trashed by the Colts. But now the fairy tale story is over. That feeling begins to creep back in to my consciousness. Unlike the Eagle run. My team has no hope.

The win Friday nite was treat. The Sixers broke 100. Willie Green goes for 30, including a monster slam in the first half. The 76ers had gotten off to a slow start. As if they did not realize the Bucks start Micheal Redd was not in attendance. They fell back early (4-18), but they finally got the message that the Bucks only inside presence what Brian Skinner. Bogut is a nice player, but no inside presence. After a time-out they began driving to the hoop for slam after slam.

The dark side of Green as your leading scorer is that means he's on the floor more often. Which means defensive breakdowns. Willie was getting schooled by Earl Boykins! They had to switch Andre Miller on 'em. Willie can be explosive going north and south, but his lateral movement is none existent.

Sixers 110 Bucks 97

I can assure you nobody watched 83-89 loss to the Bobcats Saturday (it overlapped with the eagles game). The Bobcats have won 3 straight. That's good for us. The Sixers were getting blown out again, but the Bobcats wouldn't any part of it. The blew their 17 point lead in the 3rd period. But the Sixers came thru with another loss.

IC that C. Webb is heading for Detroit. That would suck if he got a ring after all this ... I hope Chris Bosh doesn't but up 30 on us today.

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Marando said...

So Bosh tuned-up the Sixers for 27. Down by 24 the entire 4th period was garbage time. Carney had a few nice slams. Nothin' else worth mentioning.