Thursday, January 11, 2007

Good-bye-out C.Webb

They say the wheels of progress moves slowly. Nothing could be more emblematic of that than the dis-construction the 76ers. Most fans agree this latest move, the buyout of Chris Webber, was long overdue. The latest failed chemistry experiment by the mad scientist doctor king has been discarded. Good-bye Chris Webber. Good luck on your quest for a contender. The price may be right, but I'm not so certain about the buyers.

The Sixers seem to be moving in slow motion these days. The 98-89 loss to the Pistons was like a Chinese water torture. They fell further and further behind ... drip ... drip ... drip as Detroit continued to execute their offense with surgeon like precision. Now that they are just a bunch of young players the Sixers blemishes are beginning to show. Like the spots on Micheal Barkan's head in super-slo-mo on an 10 foot HD screen they stand out. Iggy is still too timid to be the primary scoring option and the effort seems to be taking a lot out of him. He has no legs by the end of the game. Kyle Kover's weaknesses became clearer as he was effectively out muscled in the Pistons game and showed little ability to create space between himself and the defender in the Knicks game (a 106-99 loss) . And the make shift line-ups Cheeks has been putting on the floor leads us to question his thinking. The whole team was never really in the game. The 3rd period collapse last nite was foreseeable. Our strangle hold on the seller position seems intractable.

The Grizzles (9-27) and BobCats (10-23) are helping out. Memphis blew out the Lakers the other day for their 9th win and Charlotte beat Detroit (on the road no less) for their 10th. Let's hope they both get continue to get better ... so we don't have to be so bad.

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