Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sixers beat A.I. and the Nugg-ettes

So the Sixers beat the Nuggets last nite. I don't think anyone has a problem with that. Whether you think (1) AI got his just deserts for poppin' off before that game, (2) your happy the current Sixers where determined to show AI that they could play, or (3) you 're just a player hater you where happy with the outcome of this game.

It was a game they were supposed to win. The back court combo of Iverson and Boykins has to be the most height challenged (I can't midget right) on record. The Sixers posted them up early and often. The Nuggets are giving up over 100 points game and the Sixers were no exception (Sixers 108 Nuggets 97).
Kyle Korver said "For us, it was just good to get back to just playing basketball. I saw him in the other team's jersey and said that was just weird, but after that we just played. I got four layups tonight on dump-down passes; I never got those before. Andre and Andre got 20 assists between them, and that's great basketball. We're running sets, going to options, stuff we've never done."

The Sixers are now 9-22. Two games behind Memphis (7-25) for the Greg Olden sweepstakes. The Sixers are now on par with perennial seller dwellers Atlanta (9-20) and Charlotte (9-22).

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