Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Era?

Happy New Era! Looking forward to the new (rebuilding) 76ers? Kobe Carries Lakers Past 76ers 104-94". The Sixers are 1-3 so far on this defining left coast road trip. I am trying to adjust. This is what is to be expected this new year. They get blown out a few games. They struggle to stay in games. Then out of nowhere they win one like they did in Portland (a flawed team). Where Iggy takes over the game (32 PTS, 5 RB, 5 AST, 5 STLS) and give you a bit of hope. I am trying to adjust with all the things that accompany losing. I must keep reminding myself there is a lottery pick at the end of this season's anguish.

But its a New year out with the old and in with the new. AI is gone but not forgotten. Webber may be gone soon. He has been as much a distraction as AI. C.Webb has not accepted that fact that he can no longer play. The often injured forward cannot accept his role as mentor. The Sixers are looking to buyout the rest of his contract. Addition by subtraction. Welcome to the new era!

Inevitably the coaching will be questioned. Cheeks demeanor doesn't really give us any insight as to his competence for the job. But they are losing (as prescribed), the head coach is the first to blame. The Grizzles, the only team worse than the Sixers, have fired their head coach. The calls for Cheeks head will continue (the blogsphere is full "Cheeks can't coach" posts, see passion & pride for an example), but the calls will not likely be appeased. He will be here as long as Billy King is GM.

To punctuate matters, the Sixers play AI in Denver tonite. AI vs his old team. AI vs AI2. Considering the 76ers road record, Almost certainly a loss. GO AI2. Happy New Era!

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