Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sixers Saga turns in to a love fest

The Sixers pounded the New York Knicks in Miller & Smith debut. Its great to see them win (even if it's against the short handed Knicks)! ... What a manic week it was. Sixers-ville went from delirious indulgence in the AI trade soap opera to the euphoria of a two game win streak and a the coronation of Andre Miller as the second coming of Mo Cheeks.

After the reality that AI was really going. The snow fall in Denver captured the headlines. Delaying the team physicals and the arrival of the players to their new teams. AI arrives in Denver to adulation, goes out and plays well, but the Nuggets lose.

The NBA wire was full speculation of what the trade (has it warranted that status as the "trade" like what other trade would we be talkin' about) ... what does it mean for Denver, is their a new sheriff in the west or did they just get Iverson for the box office draw. Then there were the stories 'bout the teams left at the alter by Billy king to wallow in their own personal purgatories for the foreseeable future (Celtics, Clippers, T-Wolves).

Now that they have won two in a row the conflict begins. You want to see them win some, because its been a long drought. You want to see them win against better talent than the Atlantic division has to offer. At the same time we want them to lose enuff to get that high draft pick next year that will formally introduce the post-AI era. You want to see Iggy sky high and be aggressive. But you wouldn't want to see 'em get hurt.

I hope I don't catch my self saying, damn we won another one.

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