Thursday, December 21, 2006

AI says he didn't ask for a trade ... does it matter?

AI finally speaks out (Philadelphia Daily News: NOW, he tells us) to say that he never asked for a trade just a change. Who really cares at this point. The real truth is probable some where in between Allen's version and Billy King's. The reality was that the change should have happen over the summer if not sooner. I can't blame AI for his frustration. Nor can I fault Billy for the difficult position he was in. Well maybe you can throw a little criticism Billy's way. Most of this has been his own handy work.

Like AI, I just need to see something change. To watch my team wither away in another game like last nite's loss to the Pacers has worn me down. I know you can't expect a young team to win every nite, but shouldn't I be able to expect them to win sometimes? Not once during that game did I get the feeling that they could win it. Nobody seems to know how to do it.

I wanted to run out on the court to strangle Sammy in the closing minutes. I learned in sixth grade it was better to pass the ball than fight thru a triple team. I just don't get it with this guy. I want to puke when I hear that "the Sixers would be good if he played like that every nite". How long do we have to put up with this. It's not gonna happen! Not only do we have a high school baller learning how to play at the NBA level we have Sammy trying to play up to the high school level.

Help me out here Philly faithful ... somethings gotta change!

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