Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Road Trip yields no answers

I wanted to withhold judgment until the Sixers played all 3 road games. Least I get too bummed or too euphoric over a given game. Now I still don't know what to think after going 1-2 on the trip. The Seattle win was just the kind of effort you what to see. Iggy stepped up and they focused on rebounding and defense.

Then Webber filled the papers during their day off with his cry baby routine about playing time. Webber back pedals the next day. But the damage is done. Then he goes out and throws up a stinker against the Suns. The Suns loss you can easily say "Well, what did you expect". The Suns just out ran them, but they do that to a lot of teams. They're a tough team to prepare for in a day.

So Webber pulls up lame the the next nite and they lost Hunter to injury in Phoenix. So they were short handed on the road against a team that's undefeated at home. Last years model would have folded up like a cheap tent. But they jumped out to a lead and held it until the 4th period. But in the end ... they failed. Was that good effort? I dunno? Games can be lost in the 1st period, but they are won in the 4th.

If they continue to play like the team in Seattle they should make the playoffs. But they gotta do it every nite. Andre needs to play like that every nite. And Webber needs to improve his play or ride the pine. His contract is already an albatross. The Sixers should let their progress suffer for the sake of his ego.

Sigh ... it's only November ... I think it will take 15-20 games to know for sure. A win against the Pistons tonight would be nice.

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