Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Road Trip ... to Health or Hell?

The Sixers are in Seattle tonite. The 1st of a 3 game swing to the left coast against the Sonics. The 1st of 3 games in 4 days. With back to back games against the Suns and the Clippers. To be a good team you need to win a few on the road. This year's schedule is front loaded with plenty of road games. These trips are usually pretty good thermometers for a team. Right now at 3-3 the Sixers temperature seems to be luke warm.
But a road trip can be a good thing. Teammates spend more time together. Time to reconstitute themselves to defense. No distractions from the life at home. The bunker mentality ... us against them ... play with a chip on your shoulder [insert additional clinches here].

But it could also be a bad thing. A loss tonite means they're still in a tailspin. A game below .500 in the NBA's weakest division. A losing road trip might further expose them as the team they were projected to be in the pre-season. They could be smoked by any or all 3 of these teams. But Seattle would seem to be the most likely win (if we can win any of them).

Frankly I don't know what to expect. We gotta win at least one don't we?

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