Monday, April 03, 2006

AI passes IsiahThomas on All-time scoring list in a blow-out vs Knicks

AI passes Isiah Thomas on NBA All-time scoring list(41) - Chalk up another one for AI. His 32 points Sunday against the Knicks lifts his career scoring total past the Knicks GM Isiah Thomas and the former Nat/76er All-Star Chet the Jet Walker.

I know everyone thinks we should be losing these games, but I like being on the upside of an old fashioned blow-out. Even if it is just the Knicks. Iverson scored his 32 points in only 3 quarters. Mo sat all but one starter (Iggy) to start the 4th period and the lead increased. Iggy sat half way thru the period and the blow-out was official. Steve Franchise got most of his 18 points when the game was over ... Sweet Lou Williams scored 4 points in 3 minutes of play.

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