Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sixers drop another game in the final minutes to the Celts

The blogshpere was eerily quite this AM after the Sixers dropped a second straight game in the final minutes. I saw a number of stories about how incredible Paul Peirce is, about his scoring 30+ in seven straight games and his recent exploits in the waning minutes of the game.

Lets get real. The Celtics stink! Pierce is a one man band. Without Delonte West (injured) they have nothing at the point guard position and the Sixers exploited it. The turnovers were almost predictable and their interior defense is worse (yes worse) than the Sixers'. They haven't got a shot at making the playoffs.

The Celtics won this game because the Sixers failed to execute down the stretch. A continuing problem. They where up by 5 with a minute to go. You don't win games in those circumstances, the other team loses it. The turning point in the game was when Kevin Ollie was injured (sad but true). Johnnie Salmons had to spend more time on the floor and his inconsistancy cost the Sixers.
Boston 104, Philadelphia 101

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