Friday, March 10, 2006

Anthony, Camby Lead Late Rally for Nuggets

Anthony, Camby Lead Late Rally for Nuggets If I was not at the game I would not have believed it. The Sixers have become magicians. How quickly can you make a 7 point lead starting the 4th quarter disappear? Try giving up 13 straight points to start the period. It was amazing they where in the game at all. The shooting percentage was terrible (38% from the floor, 18% from 3 point the line, 61% from the charity stripe). They looked like a tired team that had played the nite before. The Sixers scored only fourteen points in the 4th. 14!

This is the 3rd game in a row they have lost at the end. Late in the game. Think of where we would be if they won just 2 of 3? As Yogi Berra would say it getting late early.

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