Thursday, February 23, 2006

Now, to make it last longer than 1 game

Sixers outrun James and the Cavaliers 116-107: Now, to make it last longer than 1 game - I guess that had to be said out load. It was something we have all said to ourselves many a time this year. Of that, I am sure. When are they going to show some consistency?

... Here's the moment I new the game was in rare territory last nite. It was when the answer to the TV Triva question included one Rex Walters. What? Rex Walters you say! One of last Sixers trio to score over 25 points in a game? I had to strain my memory banks for the 6'4' sharp shooter from Kansas. I remembered those horrible years (mid-90s) when the only things to cheer about was individual accomplishments.

... Come to think 'bout it, that sounds like this season.

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