Monday, February 20, 2006

Iggy was robbed

Robinson takes dunk contest in disputed final - This is why I stop watching this clown show that the NBA All Star Weekend has become! The TNT yuck fest is a ridiculous spectacle that tends to be appealing to the casual fan rather that those of us who know the game (or just love it). I would not have watched the slam dunk contest if Iggy wasn't participating (actually I TiVo'd it). Especially after the preposterous "Greatest Slam Dunks" show TNT aired prior to the skill competitions. You expect Charles Barkley to be a clown, but the rest of the cast seems content on trying to out Barkley, Charles Barkley. The result ... Ringling Brother Circus.

Did you see the dunk Iggy did from behind the basket? How can you compare that to the 50 they gave Robinson (Jumping over Spud Webb)? How can you score any dunk as high as they did after 13 attempts? Kenny Smith (TNT) repeatedly espoused his objectivity, but was completely swayed by the novelty of a 5'9" player dunking the ball. I started to pity Robinson after the fifth attempt. To witness 13 attempt was criminal. The crowd thought Iggy won ... I thought this was a fans game.

BTW, Andre had an impressive week regardless of the outcome of the Slam Dunk contest. Earlier in the week, he set the tone of the game with a monster slam to start a win against the Spurs in which he had a tipped in that sent the game into overtime. He followed that up with a MVP award in the Rookies Challenge game, Friday nite.

Andre Iguodala should have continued to shine with a win in the dunk contest. That was your Cinderella story, TNT. Not Nate Robinson!


Marando said...

Do just take my word for it. Did you here the word from the 700 Level ("Midgets Suck")

enrico said...

I think we can all agree Iggy deserved the win. Whether it was the poor format, with Nate getting 14 chances to make his dunk, or the crappy judging. Iggy threw down the best dunk of the night, period.