Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Riley replaces Van Gundy as Heat coach

Riley replaces Van Gundy as Heat coach: South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Van Gundy got screwed. No head coach suddenly realizes they won't be home for christmas this early into the season and decides to quite. This is about Riley's ego. The team was a loser so he quit. Then Van Gundy does the miracle worker thing and the Heat become a contender. Riley says to himself "Hey, I might get another ring here!" He started to undermine Van Gundy and the end of last season. There has probably been some meddling behind the scenes since then.

To be honest, I didn't know much about Stan Van Gundy when he took over the Heat. He opened my eyes by turning the Heat into an aggressive, in your face, top tier team. He is a career coach. His dream was to be a NBA head coach and win a ring. You and your family go into it knowing this.

Riley is a fraud and a phony and I expect the Heat to fail this year because of it.

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