Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sixers win 3rd straight game to even record

A.I. outduels Kobe as Sixers triumph AI drops in the game winner with 22 seconds left on a well executed play that made it look easy. But the game was anything but easy. The Sixers gave the Lakers a chance to stay in the game ... despite 7 1st period Laker turnovers ... despite a superb team defensive performance against Kobe Bryant (7-27) and despite limiting the Lakers to 12 points in the final stanza. At times the game resembled a screening of the Keystone Cops. The Sixers equaled the number of Lakers turn-overs (15). Never establishing any rhythm. But there are no bad wins and a 3-3 record after an 0-3 start is the best you could hope for. I think it is no coincidence that K Squared has scored 14 or better in those 3 wins. But this team has to get better on the boards and a better inside defensive presence. But Sixers fans can come down off that ledge (for now).

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