Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sixers Back in the WIN column after Blow Out of the Hornets

NBA Game Summary - New Orleans/Oklahoma City at Philadelphia As it often happens, the final score (103-91) does little to convey how lopsided this affair was. Allen Iverson scored 24 points and dished out nine assists. A sub-par nite based on this year's performances as a standard. But AI only played 3 quarters. In fact, he did not score in the 3rd (but he threw up 6 bricks by my count). Thank goodness Mo sat 'em down with less than two minutes left in the game or he may have shot the Sixers out of a win. After losing two straight games to Miami and Cleveland ... games in which their weak rebounding and interior defense where exposed ... the Sixers seemed to take their failings to heart and focused on their defense. Perhaps the Hornets are not a true test of their resolve, but a cream puff game is always good for what ails you. The small crowd in attendance(12,452), who ventured out on a cold rainy nite, was treated to extended garbage time. This year your official sign that garbage time has started is when rookie guard Louis Williams (1:39 minutes, 1 TO) enters the game. My word, he looks like a high school baller! He looks smaller than Iverson!
So how lopsided this affair was last nite? Louis Williams enter the game to end the 1st half.

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