Wednesday, July 06, 2005

King begins mulling potential additions

Philadelphia Daily News | 07/06/2005 | King begins mulling potential additions Billy King has let it be known that the Sixers are looking at free agents this summer. With the caveat that signing Dalembert, Korver and Green is priority. Some of the names thrown out are Stromile Swift, of Memphis (Interesting), and Donyell Marshall, of Toronto (not so interesting).

Of course this is all part of the dance that GM's do. The pending Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) has added a wrinkle this year. The one-time only amnesty clause, expected to be included in the new CBA allows a team to waive a player and avoiding paying a luxury tax on his contract, even though the team still would be responsible for the contract and continue to have the contract count on the salary cap. Translation, some good players with phat contacts will be dumped on the market. Isiah Thomas will be dumping somebody fo sure (Alan Houston maybe).

Anyway, there will be a lotta talking, but not much action until the CBA is complete.

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