Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sixers take a powder in 2005 Draft

Anyone expecting the Sixers to uncover a gem with the 45th pick in the NBA draft yesterday has been in the sun too long. It was laughable how the prognosticators commented on the Sixers workouts of potential draftees. The insufferable analysis of the draft has become a big waste of time. The Sixers demonstrated their feelings about the draft with their pick of a 6'2" high school point guard with questionable skills. Their announcement of qualifying offers to Dalembert, Green and Korver left no doubt about thier feelings.

The Sixers are staying pat. They will survey the fodder that was not drafted yesterday and draw up invitations to camp this summer.

Who's telling these high school kids to enter the draft, when they don't have a snowballs chance in hell to be a lottery pick? It's crazy! Perhaps a better question is "What are their parents thinking?". Gerald Henderson's son, a high school standout from Blue Bell, PA opted to go to college instead. If that was not Dad's decision, I am sure it was his preference ... Thank goodness the age limit next year will curtail this madness.

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