Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Win, or Else

CBS SportsLine.com: Win, or Else

There an old maxim in the playoffs;"The series really doesn't start until the home team loses". So here we are, as predicted. The Defensive minded Spurs against the defensive minded Pistons. Points are a premium. Wins look ugly ... losses are uglier.

Is anyone paying attention to this. I for one have a hard time watchin'. No it's not the droll personality of the Spurs or the whining of Larry Brown. It's ABC's production. This match-up is not one to be presented as an extended version of ESPN's SportCentre. Stuart Scott, spare me the cliche questions. Al Michaels, this is not a baseball game. Statistics don't matter. This is a game of heart. I hate the way Michaels calls games. He uses it as a stage to show us how smart he is. So much so, that Hubie Brown has little time to comment on what's happening ... the production stinks!

That said, the Pistions should win at home ... then the series can start.

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