Friday, May 27, 2005

Spurs win 2nd game on the road against the Suns

It is too late for me to prognosticate the Spurs vs the Pistons in the NBA finals? Yes, it true. It has been my belief from the start. I said at the season's offset that Detroit's championship was a good thing for the NBA. Watching the Lakers spank the eastern conference champion each year suxs for ratings.

But out of the Lakers ashes a pheonix was born. The sudden rise of the Suns had to be a welcome surprise to the NBA. Could this style of basketball really win a championship? Alas, this is not the NFL where rags to riches stories are commonplace. It takes defense to win in the playoffs and the last team standing is rarely a surprise. That's why I see San Antonio and Detroit in the finals. If either team wins another championship no one will be shocked.

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