Monday, March 14, 2005

Raptors drop a record 21 three pointers on the 76ers

RAPTORS 128 76ERS 110 Donyell Marshall played like the world was running a half second slower than he was. He stood behind the 3 point line ... had enuff time to rotate the ball in his fingers until the NBA logo was lined up just right, rise up for the shot and release it before a sixer defender was near 'em. It was like the Sixers were running in water. Marshall tied a NBA record for 3's in a game (12). Coach OB's defense never adjusted. The Raptors rained 3's down on the 76ers ... the defense never adjusted ... Marshall was 12 of 19 (63%) from the 3 point line ... Coach never adjusted ... The Raptors are the 2nd best 3 point shooting team in the NBA ... You think you might extend your defense a little ... Noooo! Tha't not how Coach O'Brien does things around here! The Raptors set a record with 21 3's in 34 attempts (Yes an NBA record 61%). But we don't change the way we play do we? Noooo! The Sixers gave up double digit 3's in 3 games last year. The Raptors have done it 3 times this year. In fact, the Sixers have given up more than 10 3's in 15 games this year.
You would think such a high priced coach such as Jim O'Brien could adjust to the situation at hand. This pack it in the paint defense aint working. It's not stopping the 3 ball and its not getting rebounds. What are we payin' you for coach?

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