Tuesday, March 08, 2005

No Shade for the Sixers against the Heat

Playing their fourth game in five nites had to be tuff and it showed as the Sixers never really threatened the Heat on Monday nite (Heat 108 76ers 100). Chris Webber has not made winning games any easier for the 76ers. They escaped with a 1 point victory over the Hawks Saturday nite (loser of 11 straight). C-WEBB came in late in the final stanza to help notch a win after an extended rest. But they have yet to blow anybody out (although the Bucks game was never in doubt). The news wire ran a report today that Webber and coach OB had a 1-on-1 discussion about his playing time. Webber’s minutes are down (and his points). The coach says he does everything for a reason, but I am not so sure all will be revealed in time. The pressure is on coach to make this work. Not an easy task … with a schedule like the last five days … no practice time and lotsa new bodies. Rodney Rogers appears to making the most immediate contribution (He scored 9 in nineteen minute vs. the Heat). As I have said in the past, O’Brien is a high priced coach and I expect him to work this out.

On another tangent, K squared is getting roughed up as of late. He is stretching the defense with his shooting, but he needs to be more consistent. He gets blanked for lng stretches. We need him to average 15 a nite. With extended minutes as a starter, the scouting report out. Post up Kyle Korver. He is usually out-weighed or against a taller player. His all around play has been excellent, but he needs to score more to justify 30 minutes a nite. What about it coach?

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