Monday, March 28, 2005

C Iggy jump C Iggy Slam

76ers 96 Lakers 89 - Anyway you look at it, Andre Igoudola is one impressive rookie! The Sixers kicked off their 3 game left coast road trip at the LA, Staples Center, where the star studded crowd (with more than a smattering of AI jerseys) was treated to a rookie special. No he didn't shutdown Kobe like the last meeting at the Wachovia center, but you will never see anyone work harder to get 34 points than Bryant did.

It seemed like each of Iggy's 18 points was a slam dunk raining down for the sky. His shooting percentage was 61% (Slams are high percentage shots). You might think he would have hit the rookie wall by now.
To keep this game in the proper perspective ... there is no such thing as a big game. They are all big. The Sixers showed why they deserve to be in the play-offs. They won when both their stars had off nites. They won when the opposing teams star had a good nite. They won for the first time ever at the Stapels Center. They didn't lose to a team on an 8 game losing streak and they finally crested the 500 mark.

So rest easy Sixers fans ... until tonite anyway ... it's a new day ... its the next big game ... it's the Sacramento Kings ... but the King are struggling too.

Recap - 76ers at Lakers

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