Saturday, March 26, 2005

76ers sink the Raptors on game winner from AI

Boos rang out from the crowd as Donyell Marshall entered the game. A sign of respect in a Philly "I hate Reggie Miller" kinda way. Marshall should have been proud. He had every reason to be, after smokin' the Sixers almost 2 weeks ago. He seemed to pick up right where he left off at their last meeting. Hitting 7 3's in this game. C.Webb got off to a fast start. He and AI had the two man game goin' .. they both finish the game with better than 30, but for all the Sixers offensive fireworks the score at half time was 61-61. Something had to give.

As the story was told to me, the fans behind the Sixers bench was givin' coach OB the business about defending Marshall and the rest of the Raptors against the 3. Not to mention the inexcusable 10 offensive rebounds. Chris Boss had 4 offensive boards.

This Boss kid is a good looking player with 24 points and 22 rebounds for the game. He had the post up going, he had the mid-range jumper goin' and the hunger for the rebound like someone stole his lunch money. He may be an awesome player when he grows into his skinny frame. The Sixers had no defense for him.

However, coach did make a defensive adjustment. He taps Josh Davis off the bench to give him extended minutes in the second half. Davis played 10 minutes and had 3 rebounds. Most importantly, he extended the defense enough to challenge more of Marshall's shots. So I give coach a little credit. Some post game talk radio fans gave him no such tribute. Calling him stubborn for not adjusting in the 1st half and Davis ineffective. Come on folks ... show a 'lil love for coach!

The Sixers still needed a last second shot by Iverson to beat the Atlantic Division's last place team. AI hits the shot when the Raptors have a foul to give. Oh my ... - NBA - Recap - Raptors at 76ers

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