Sunday, February 26, 2012

Will it be the NBA or the Oscars

It’s been awhile since I cared much about the All Star Week-end clown show. As I said before, Philly is finally represented this year so I am keeping an eye on it.

No, it’s not just sour grapes because Philly doesn’t have a super star. I just hate the way that TnT does the NBA, period! Kenny, Chuck, and Shaq are just a clown show. I get it. You need to attract the casual fan. Yeah, Chuck and the gang can be funny at times. But does it have to be all the time? Is there no reverence for the game? How do you expect hard core sports fans to treat you seriously? Charles Barkley? really? That’s your ambassador. I love Charles.  I have been a Sixers fan longer than the Barkley era. But a role model Charles is not.

The other part that ticks me off about the week-end show case is the exclusivity. The All Star break is a chance to show case the sport and draw in that casual fan. To get youngsters hooked on the sport and get the ladies talking. But now it’s an exclusive club. The arguments against Iggy being on the team was ridiculous. Really! It’s an exhibition game. You can argue about a guys skills when you’re discussing the Olympic team (No one is clamoring that Igoudala shouldn’t be on that team), but the All-Star game. Common man.   Every team should be represented on All Star Week-end. You are trying to promote the sport. Why thumb your nose at the lower tier franchises like Philly has been the past few years.

So when you put the All Star game up against my other passion, Movies, and the Oscars; it’s not such an easy sell. Not for me anyways.

Fortunately for the NBA, the Academy is not showing much promise this year. This year’s fascination with nostalgia sounds like a bore. The anticipation conceded to a movie like “The Artist” … Booooooring. There is a reason no one went to see it at the box office. The movie industry can be so self-indulging. Billy Crystal again … REALLY? Is the only mystery whether Meryl Streep will be passed over again? Really … she played some old batty British lady (Iron Lady). Another movie no one saw. I got no shot at the office pool this year, ‘cause I am rooting against all the favorites.

So I will watch the All-Star game delayed on Tivo (Easier to skip the TnT banter) and follow the Oscars on twitter.

On with the Show!

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