Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sixers deal no big deal

Sixers make deal with Bucks | Philly | 02/18/2010 – Just short of the trade deadline, the Sixers confirm they are trading Royal Ivey and Primoz Brzec to the Bucks in exchange for rookie shooting guard Jodie Meeks and journeyman Francisco Elson.

You are sadly disappointed, if you were looking for some blockbuster deal from Ed Stefanski. I thought he was very clear about his intentions earlier this week … He was not dumping salaries for cap space and tanking games. He was looking for a like for like trade to improve THIS club. Not tear it down and build another. Give Ed credit for being true to his word. If he goes down it will be on his own terms. Not the whim of public opinion.

So very little should have been expected today. And very little happened. Elson is hurt and will probably never join the team. Brzec, his counterpart, has been basically a DNP all season. So that’s a wash. Ivey was a fan favorite, their best on the ball defender, and had developed a 3 point (something he was not noted for). This will be his 2nd dance with the Bucks. His counterpart, the rookie Meeks, looks to have potential. They are about the same size, but Meeks is younger. So I guess you can say it’s a plus for the Sixers … kinda .. sorta … maybe.

I’m okay with it all. Let’s just get on with this death march to the end of the season. There’s no way Eddie Jordon gets this team to the playoffs. Let’s just get out of dodge with our butts intact. Like the Sixers GM, I am hoping this season was a special edition of the Twilight Zone and the hour will be over soon.

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